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AKSHARAM, from concept to content to presentation, is designed to find resonance with the Malayalee Diaspora, to turn it into a monthly ritual of sorts. Combining modern, global aspects with traditional, regional ones, to present a comprehensive outlook of all that's relevant and of import to the Malayalee, it has what it takes to make it a must-read.

A powerful, new global media strategy
Exceeding 6 million, the global Malayalee population is an untapped niche. AKSHARAM targets this well-educated, well-informed, well-travelled and well-to-do target audience with considerable spending power. Ambitious by nature, Malayalees have an impressive presence across fields like medicine, IT and a wide spectrum of business. They are also a people rooted in tradition, proud of their rich heritage and their diverse, vibrant customs. AKSHARAM addresses this multi-faceted, cosmopolitan-yet-traditional Malayalee.

A brief profile
Promoter: Delight Media Inc, a media company registered under the Companies Act, USA and promoted by reputed media professionals from UK and USA.
Periodicity: Monthly
No. of pages: Approximately 72
Contributors: in-house journalists/writers in Kerala, UK and USA
Paper/Printing: All colour, on high-quality 80 GSM paper for inside pages and 170 GSM paper for cover.
Geographical coverage: To be distributed across all continents by a professional distribution network covering USA, Canada, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East Asia.
Cover Price: US $ 3.95.
Content outline: A first-of-its-kind magazine, AKSHARAM, a bilingual magazine printed in Malayalam and English boasts extensive coverage, encompassing news and views from around the world and from India and Kerala. Alongside this panoramic worldview will be articles and commentaries and success stories related to the empowered Malayalee community.
Most importantly, unlike most regional language magazines, AKSHARAM will carry first-hand accounts, stories told from where they originate, by professional writers who are directly involved. The emphasis is on authentic, original, relevant content that's presented clearly, unambiguously and impartially.
Content will include: Articles on recent events and current affairs in Kerala and from around the world; insightful coverage of social; political and human rights issues, articles on the latest developments in business, finance, communication, technology, science and arts; Interviews with political, cultural and religious leaders; Articles on Malayalee traditions, culture and lifestyles; Updates of job opportunities and scholarships for higher education in UK and USA; Information on recognized educational institutions in India; News and coverage on entertainment, cinema and theatre; Insightful analyses of emerging trends, counseling guidelines; Articles on health S" fitness, fashion, beauty, relationships, diet & nutrition; Articles on travel, holiday destinations and pilgrimage centers.

About the Target Audience

The Global Malayalee who forms AKSHARAM's audience is a traditional, culturally rooted, dynamic Diaspora spread across the US, European and Middle East region. Achievers at various levels, they are well-educated, ambitious, affluent and aspirational; A highly literate community that's ambitious and success oriented; Sophisticated and cosmopolitan in many ways, yet firmly rooted in tradition; Traditional patronisers of Banks and Jewellers; Mostly young population aspirins to better lifestyles and following current trends; Inclined to look towards India for the best options in education, investment opportunities and travel; Majority prefer to travel to India at least once a year; Most families have an average income higher than the national average in their respective countries; An impressive percentage work in managerial posts and in various capacities; Most are credit card holders with considerable spending power; Tap a whole new consumer base. Get high returns on ad spends.

With AKSHARAM, you have a powerful, new vehicle to reach out to an untapped consumer base. It offers you the perfect platform to present your products or services in a favorable light. Focused in its approach and squarely targeted at a well-defined, aspiring niche, it will fetch you high returns on your-ad spends. If you are looking at effectively expanding your consumer base, then AKSHARAM should be in your media plan. It's a media strategy you can't afford to ignore.

Publisher & CEO Ginsmon P. Zacharia
Consultant Editors Adv. N. Ramdas (Law)
Rajasenan (Film director)
Managing Editor Prince Markose
Dy. Managing Editor E.V. Paulose
Editor-in-charge Don Martin Jacob
Co-ordinating Editor Chase John Koshy
Associate Editor Shailini Vinod
Business Editor Jaimon Thomas
Correspondent Jaison Kizhakkayil
Graphic Designer Sneharaj
Director (Business Development) Sebastian Joseph
Director (Circulation) Laiju Mannuel
Director (Operations) Paul J. Murphy
Director (Marketing) Alias Markose
Business Co-ordinator Jins James
Marketing Executive Monsey George
G.M Operations A.D George
Corporate Advertising Dominic Chackonal
Georgia Phone:   678-793-2105
email:   alexliverpool2003@yahoo.co.uk
Dallas Phone:   972-977-9126
email:   aliassmithmark@yahoo.com
Philadelphia Phone:   267-250-0572
email:   jinujm@yahoo.com
California Phone:   818-484-0447
email:   basilstudiousa1@yahoo.com

Published by
Delight Media Inc.
1407, North Jerussalem Road,
East Meadow, NewYork- 11554
USA: 516-882-7246 Fax: 516-882-7257
EUROPE: 01616553753
Ireland: 00353 870557933, 00353 14402208
KERALA: 0484-2838763 Fax: 0484-2838764

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